TestekYou want a testosterone cream, like Testek, to give you results at the gym. But you don’t want to waste time or money, if it’s just going to disappoint you.

Testek was designed to increase testosterone levels in men. With higher testosterone levels, you should be able to build more muscle, build it faster, and recover more quickly. This is what Testek is supposed to do, but will it actually do it?

Information on Testek

Testek might be able to increase testosterone levels more efficiently than most products. That’s because besides increasing testosterone production, it also reduces the negative effects of estrogen. There are two proprietary blends in Testek: the Testosterone & Anabolic Growth Optimizer and the Anti-Aromatase complex.

To increase testosterone levels and maximize your workout performance, Testek uses SerinAid®, AlphaSize® Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline, N-Acetyl 5-methoxytryptamine, and Nictotinoyl-GABAm Pycamilon.

One of the negative effects of estrogen is gynaecomastia. This is the abnormal development of breasts in men. The anti-aromatase ingredients in Testek are supposed to prevent this and other potential negative effects of estrogen. These ingredients are Hesperidin, Tocopherols, Lemon Balm Herb Extract, and Lycopene.

The Pros of Testek

• Testek has some patented ingredients. It also has ingredients that have been clinically proven.
• Many of the ingredients in this product are all-natural.
• This testosterone cream has received lots of positive reviews. On one site, it received an average rating of 8.4 stars out of 10. That isn’t great, but it’s still good.
• Testek is somewhat affordable. The price ranges from $44.99 to $59.99.

The Cons of Testek

• Most of Testek’s ingredients come in a proprietary blend. We know what the totals for the blends are, but we don’t know what the individual ingredient amounts are. For this product to be effective, the clinically proven amounts of each ingredient need to be used.
• Testek has some fillers and synthetic ingredients.
• This testosterone cream may cause some side effects.
• You may not be able to get a money back guarantee when you buy Testek.

Our Opinion

Our thoughts about the formula of Testek are mixed. It does have some great all-natural ingredients. It also has patented clinically proven ingredients. However, Testek has some synthetic ingredients that we are not familiar with.

We are doubtful that Testek has the clinically proven amounts of each ingredient. For one thing, the proprietary blends don’t show us what the individual amounts are. For another thing, there are a lot of fillers in this product, which makes us think that it isn’t going to be very powerful.

Because Testek contains some synthetic ingredients, the chances of it causing side effects are a lot higher. To get more specific information on side effects, you may want to read customer reviews.

We don’t recommend that you try Testek because we aren’t convinced that it will be effective or free from side effects. We do suggest that you look for a product that has clinically proven ingredients and discloses the ingredient amounts. Also make sure that it has lots of positive customer reviews.

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