We Advice Women On The Importance

Of Testosterone Creams For Women

Reason for using testosterone cream

for women

Most of the women who have passed the age of menopause always loose their sex desire. The testosterone cream is used in order to raise the level of sexual desire in women. Women who have used birth control pills for a long time have their hormones become imbalanced thus the need to balance the hormones using the testosterone cream. In order to balance the estrogen and the testosterone hormones, testosterone cream is used as part of testosterone therapy process.

Type Of Testosterone Cream For Women

We have different range of the testosterone cream. We have both the topical and also the generic kind of testosterone. The women testosterone cream has different level of strength and each patient is prescribed the level of testosterone cream according to the level that she is missing in the body. We have the mild testosterone cream that has the least level of strength and it is prescribed for those who need just a small boast of the testosterone hormones. The strong testosterone cream is used for those who need a very high level of the testosterone hormones level.

Testosterone Cream For Women Prescription

There are many causes of testosterone becoming low or becoming imbalanced in women. The main reason is when a woman reaches the age of menopause and for those women who use birth control pills. In order for the doctor to prescribe for you the testosterone cream you need to have your level of hormones tested. Most of doctors do not perform tests on those women who are below 35 years unless there is a strong reason. Once the doctor has done tests he will determine the strength of testosterone cream that you need to use in order to be effective.

Who need testosterone cream

for women?

There is a specific category of people who need to use the testosterone cream women; they include those who have had their ovaries removed. Those women who have removed their ovaries can be given testosterone therapy to help boast their sexual desires. Those women who are past the menopause age are also given the testosterone cream for women to be able to improve their sexual drive.

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Testosterone cream for women reviews

The testosterone cream for women is most advisable kind of hormonal boast since it does not interfere direct with your liver. The testosterone cream is known to have worked very well in improving the libido of most women. Most women love using the testosterone cream.

Storing the testosterone cream for women

The testosterone cream for women should be stored in a cool place and you should always keep it closed and tightly. You should not continue using the testosterone cream if you leave it open for a long time. Remember the testosterone should not come into contact with direct heat or sunshine.

We Sell Both Genetic and Topical Testosterone Creams, All of Our Creams are Inspected and Evaluated

Applying the testosterone cream women

The testosterone cream for women is applied on places where there is no hair. Testosterone cream is applied ones per day and for not more than eight weeks or six months.The women testosterone cream is applied on those parts of your body that has a good flow of the blood. You are advised that once you apply the cream you make sure that it is completely dry before dressing. You can apply the testosterone cream for women on the arms, vagina or your thighs.

Buying the testosterone cream for women

Most of the chemist globally do sell the testosterone cream for women, but most of them insist on the having the doctors prescription before selling for you the cream.Most of the chemists or the shops that stock and sell the testosterone cream women, do not sell them to those who are below the age of thirty five years unless they have the doctor’s prescription. In order for you to be able to buy the product without having problem it is important that you have the doctor’s prescription.

When To Use The Testosterone Cream For Women

The testosterone cream for women should be used any time as long as you use it on continuous timetable every day during the treatment. You should make sure to apply the cream on the same part of your body and on the same time. The cream should be used for the first eight weeks and after that discard the remaining testosterone cream. Over using the cream may lead some side effects like hair growth, acne and deepening of voice.

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We do give advice and also follow up on those clients who buy the testosterone women cream from us. We ensure that we educate each and every client on how to apply and when to stop using the cream. We go further ahead and make a follow up for all those clients who buy the product. We ensure that the client is wisely advised on how to detect any side effect that might be associated with using of the testosterone women cream.

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